You Are What You Eat…Is That Really True?

I know sometimes it seems pretty overwhelming, in conjunction with everything else we have going on in our lives, to truly take care of our health…everyday.  But you have to start somewhere and remember, everything good that comes our way usually doesn’t come easy, right?  So, since I have been on this 15 year journey of better health I consider myself an expert in this area and would love to help you get started!

We all know it is diet and exercise that are the keys to better health.  But I need to explain what this really means.  Diet is not what we all think it is…I used think it meant that one would “go on a diet” basically starving themselves to lose the weight and then gain it all back once they have went “off of their diet.”  Well I have news for you….That is NOT was diet means.  Your diet is your lifestyle, however it is that you eat on a daily basis.  Diet is eating when you are hungry (not when you are bored) and being conscious of what fuel you are putting into your body.  And of course the exercise is the physical activity that you incorporate into your day to day to stay active and enhance your physical health.  They are both VERY IMPORTANT to being healthy but I need to explain one more thing.  Exercise, as important as it is, is only 20 – 30% of the equation.  It’s what you eat that is 70-80%.  You can work out 7 days a week but if you do not watch what you are eating then you are not getting healthy.  For women it is 80% what you put in your mouth, 20% exercise and 10% genetics.  For men it is 70% what you put in your mouth, 20% exercise and 10% genetics.  What I am saying here is obvious….It’s all in the food my friends.

So as I mentioned in the opening, I would like to serve you by giving you a few starting points so you can get started and NOT be overwhelmed.  My lifestyle took over a decade to evolve and I know that I am not even done yet!  But let’s address diet first since it is the heavier part of the equation.  If you are ready to make a change, two things you can do right way is cut WAAAYYYY back on any processed foods and animal products.  Processed foods are anything that is packaged or has been prepared, more specifically, anything that is not in its most natural form.  Animal products are anything animal based: meat, chicken and dairy products.  These products are so hard on the digestive system.  I am not asking you to completely cut everything out, I am just telling you to cut back and that whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes as 70% of your food in take a day will make a WORLD of a difference to your body.  Once you do this for a while and really make a difference you will be ready to change other parts of your diet.

A rule of thumb I use is I ask myrself before putting something into my mouth “Is this going to CLEAN me or CLOG me?”  If you’re about to eat a peanut butter sandwich on white wonder bread made from “enriched white flour” and bunch of other crap..well sorry my PB&J fans…it’s going to CLOG you.  Just think about the substance of that example and how your body is going to digest it.  Compare that to a nice fresh salad with all kinds of wonderful vegetables that are live and filled with water.  I think you get it.  But hey, there are definitely other ways of enjoying a PB&J but that lesson is for another day.

I know it sounds cliché and you all have heard it before but as the saying goes…”YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.”

I hope this helps and I look forward to sharing more health tips each week.

Be Healthy My Friends.

Yours in True Health,