The Master Cleanse – Is It Worth It?

I have completed the Master Cleanse, a body detoxification program created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941, three times.  I have actually now incorporated it into my health regimen in that I complete at least once a year and usually in January.  So yes, I know it is now obvious to you that I am an advocate of the cleanse and a fanatical one at that!

For those of you who do not really know what this cleanse actually is, I will explain it to you right now.  In short, it is a 10 day (at minimum) detox with a 4 day ween off period.  You do not eat any food AT ALL.  You live off of what I like to call a “spicy lemonade” for the entire time.  It’s purified water, organic lemon juice, organic maple syrup and cheyenne pepper.  You drink anywhere from 60 – 120 ounces of this stuff a day.  In addition, you begin each morning with a “yummy” salt water flush.  This is essential to the detoxification process because as the spicy lemonade concoction helps loosen and lift the toxins in your body from every organ and crevice, the salt water flush helps eliminate the residue.  So after you ingest the salt water NO, you CANNOT leave your house for the next hour and a half so plan accordingly my friends.  Once your 10 days are completed you move on to the 4 day ween off component VERY CAREFULLY incorporating solid foods into your diet again.

Pros:(Of course from a partial source  )

1.  The amazing feeling of cleansing your body, AWARENESS

2.  The CRAZY amount of what you can accomplish with the extra time you have not eating or planning your day around food

3. Clear skin

4. Noticeable weight loss (for most)

5.  You sleep at night like a baby…literally!


1.  The first 3 days…it is a mental challenge

2.  Miss the chewing aspect of eating

3.  By day 7 you are somewhat sick of the “food” (but by this time you are CRUISIN’)

4.  Dealing with the naysayers as to why you are doing this!

So with that all being said….there will always be supporters and non supporters, but in my experience I have definitely run into more supporters than I would have expected….I guess living in Los Angeles may have something to do with that.  I know someone who is also a fan of the Master Cleanse and he is actually going for a 30 day challenge as we speak!  If you check him out at you can see a day in the life with him.  But I do encourage you to do your own research and make the decision as to what is best for you.  For me, it is the Master Cleanse all the way!  Stay tuned for more blogs on the subject as I will be doin’ it again in January my friends!!