Why Too Many Relationships Die

Isn’t it a sad truth? How many of us have been through this or has seen a couple very close to you grow apart resulting in divorce?  I know it has happened, in my life, too many times to count.  I am writing this so that maybe I can help some of you who may be in that place but I am also writing this for those of you who never want to get there.  Through my experience and education I have the secret.  Aren’t you dying to know what it is?…Ha! Keep reading and I will share with you my insight on the subject!

So in a nutshell all you have to do is treat your significant other, the love of your life, the way you did in the beginning.  Yep!  That’s it!! Seriously, think about it, if you are that couple that is growing apart, are you treating him or her the way you did in the honeymoon stage?  Or, are you being treated like you were in the beginning.  The answer most likely is no.  This is because as time goes on and the outside world starts to affect you both, this starts to affect your relationship.  Little by little each day you take the negative bullsh*t out on each other.  And this is the first wall that crumbles.  As life may deal you a bad hand, again you take it out on each other and so on….Walls keep crumbling down, you grow further apart, you take each other for granted and forget how to treat one another.  Once you are feeling unloved you are apt to giving into temptation and then that is usually the final straw.  The relationship dies.  And at that point it is EXTREMELY hard to bounce back from something like that.  When all you had to do is keep on treating that person the same ten years later as you did in the first year.

Now listen I am not saying this is easy, but is it simple.  The idea is simple but just like anything rewarding in life you do have to put effort into it.  Always make quality time for each other often, not once a month.  Date nights are very important.  Communicate with your partner about everything.  Matty (my dear love) and I read to each other these love letters we wrote at an Anthony Robbins retreat once a month and it is just the best thing ever….it reconnects us every time we do it.  I could go on with suggestions forever but then this blog would go on for days….so if you would like to ask me personally I would be honored to help in anyway that I can.

The key to all of this is realizing and agreeing to each other right from the beginning that it is both of you against the world. I live by this philosophy everyday in my relationship.  You have to survive the elements of what this life can bring you.  It can bring you wonderful things but it can also bring adversity and it is all about how you deal with that adversity TOGETHER….not against each other.  Trust me, I’ve lived it, I DO know and relationships have died because of this.  It can be a tough world out there that will actually try and tear you apart but you have to rise above that…..and that means rising above that together.  This philosophy has made all the difference in my relationship.

I have had my fair share of relationships and have learned from each one.  But the buck is stopping here.  I have been in my relationship with Matt for over 3 years and it has been the best 3 years of my life.  It is Matt and I against the world and  we still treat one another the way we did 3 years ago.  I have no intention of going about our relationship any other way.

I hope this was useful insight for you and please feel free to comment and ask me anything I may not have answered for you here in this post.  I wish you all the best.