Who is This Anthony Robbins Character??

Since the eighties I had been hearing the name Anthony Robbins and seeing his infomercials late at night. He had this pasted down hairstyle and the jacked up slacks with shirt and tie. He wasn’t the most attractive by any means but his infomercials would catch my attention from time to time (although it could have been the “look” that caught my attention  ). But again, I would always ask the question: Who is this Anthony Robbins character?

Well I finally got the answer to that question in March of 2008. For Valentine’s Day 2008 my boyfriend Matt (already a Tony fan) bought me a ticket to my first Unleash the Power Within (UPW) and boy did I get to see what this Anthony Robbins character was all about! I’ve always been a supporter of personal development but I never thought I would need to go to something like this. So I was open…a bit skeptical…who wouldn’t be? But I decided why not? Let’s do this and keep an open mind. For those of you who are not with familiar with Tony, check out this wikipedia link for an overview http://bit.ly/2oywm.

So Matt and I walk into the LA Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles on a Thursday afternoon, and little did I know, I was about to encounter the most life altering weekend of my life! I am not exaggerating people, not one bit. After I registered we were directed to go into the main hall where everyone was waiting for Tony to come on at 1pm…oh and did I mention I was going to be expected to do a firewalk by the end of the night? Uh yes, that would be correct…a FIREWALK! Hot coals, barefoot!…Moving on… so I am walking into this main hall with approximately 4000 people dancing and jumping around like monkeys to “concert loud” music and getting super excited for his entrance. Matt looks over at me to see my reaction. At first I thought it was a weird, five minutes later yours truly is now dancing and jumping around like a monkey awaiting Tony’s arrival! What? Yes, that is all it took for me. Instantly I realized I was in a room of like minded freaks like myself that want more out of life…so much more…and I was finally going to learn how to get it… here in this room! I am not going to give away the teachings of Mr. Anthony Robbins for those of you who have never been but if you watch this awesome clip it gives you a snip it of what his approach is and what he is all about http://bit.ly/hyQOT.

After the entire four day weekend of 16 hour days one would think I should have been exhausted, but that wasn’t the case…I was on such an adrenalin high. The amount of what I learned about myself and how I was going to change my approach was INVALUABLE! I became addicted to Tony Robbins that weekend and I have been an active student of his ever since. Matt and I are also in his Mastery University which is the next step you take after you’ve decided that Tony is for you. I’ve been to two UPW events as well and will be going to another one next week but this time I am giving back…I am a volunteer who is going to help crew the event so this should be a completely different experience and I am super excited for it!

I am proud to admit that Anthony Robbins is my Inspirational Life Coach. I have to thank my dear Matty for treating me to my first event which opened my eyes completely. I hope I have peaked your interest and PLEASE feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions. I have turned a few friends on to Tony already and they are so grateful for it.

Stay tuned for more Anthony Robbins related blogs….I am sure I will be sharing my experience of crewing this upcoming UPW event…..