What Makes You Laugh?

I am currently helping a very good friend of mine, Talia, design her new apartment here in Los Angeles. The other day she said something to me that really resonated with me. Just so you keep on reading I am not going to give it way so enjoy! ☺

So as I mentioned, I am helping her design her apartment. And as a designer, I give my expert opinion as I was trained to be able to work and appreciate all styles and tastes (not just my own). And Talia has definitely got her own style. She’s into a lot of post modern and moved into this old Hollywood style walk up building. Because structures were built better back then her space has a lot of built in details which definitely offer a lot of character. We agree on a lot of things but some we don’t and it’s all about meeting somewhere in the middle so the client is happy yet the interior has not been compromised. So! That being said, Talia has this attraction to gnomes. Yep..you heard that correctly…gnomes. That is not something I would normally incorporate into a space unless the client was married to it..and she IS!

So when I went by her place last week to check in and see how it was all coming along, there were all the gnomes. All very strategically placed. She has 4 large ones on the entertainment center and she places a mini gnome in every flower pot. I teased her about them and that is when she said “Everyone should all have at least one thing in their space that makes them laugh at least a little bit everyday.” And you know what…she is completely right…I mean, so long as it’s done tastefully. Which in Talia’s case it certainly is. This is something I will now incorporate with my future clients. I LOVE to laugh and sometimes you have a hard day where laughing just did not happen. Eventually you will finally get home to relax and find solace in your space. You will go to turn on your TV on, look up and see your gnomes sitting there…and you’ll finally get to smile. And that is what it’s all about. I now think everyone should have their “gnomes” (keeping it tasteful of course! ☺). Because at the end of the day, everyone should have a reason to smile!

I would love to hear any of your ideas that you may want to implement in your space. Or if you already have incorporated your “gnomes” I would loveto hear all about it!

A special thanks to my dear friend Talia who opened up my mind a little more.