What It Was Like To Crew An Anthony Robbins Event….Part 2

In this post I am going to tell you about my first 2 days of the Crew experience at  the Anthony Robbins event Unleash the Power Within (UPW).  In Part 1 I told you what amazing people I had already met and how I mentally and physically prepared to work this event.  As a participant, this event changed my life forever but now I wanted to give back and help these participants to have the most life changing weekend ever!

The alarm went off at 5:30AM and the Crew had to report in for 6:30AM sharp.  I was excited because I did end up getting a pretty decent amount of sleep.  The first day of UPW usually begins around 1pm but registration begins at 8 AM so we had to be there to make sure all posts were covered.  I was assigned to be a “state changer.”  So basically what this meant was that I had to be a greeter but I also had to change the participants state if need be.  I was taught the techniques and that is what I did throughout the entire registration period.  It was SUPER fun!  Getting to know some of the participants, asking them where they were from, if this was their first time at an event, how they got introduced to Tony… Etc etc etc…I am such a people person so I think the job was perfectly suited for me

Once Tony came on at 2pm the crowd went wild!  We were all in the main room cheering for him, watching the participants get into a “peak state” and now here is where it all begins.  On the first day Tony explains what the whole weekend is going to be about and then trains the participants to for 6 hours to walk hot coals later that night.  Crew being “hot coal walking professionals”…well we didn’t sit through the training, we actually get to do the firewalk around 6pm as a team while the participants are getting trained.  It was a really amazing and different experience to walk the coals in the daylight (since the firewalk usually starts around 11pm) and to be able to just snap right into state and walk fire…..I definitely impressed myself.  I must admit though, that I was a bit nervous but I knew how to do it so I jumped right and off I went..all 300 of Crew members cheering each other on…such a bonding moment.

Once the participants were ready (about 11ish) we had firewalk duty.  This was my favorite position of the weekend.  I was a “side angel” which meant I had to guide each firewalker by their side and lead them across ensuring that they never looked down and stayed in state as they walked across these coals (1500 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact) MEEP!   It was SO INTENSE in this position.  But I know that I really saved many a person from burning their feet or from losing their focus and that was such a rewarding feeling!

Everyone made it over the coals successfully (Including my girl Megan – woohoo!) and you should have seen the faces on these participants….they were just so animated and excited! Everyone was just so on top of the world and I loved being in this moment.

The first day was over and we were on to the second day which is with Joesph McClendon III.  Tony’s senior trainer and colleague of 22 years.  I assumed my role of stage inducer and also became a door greeter which helped control the crowds which again was a lot of fun!  I really got to befriend people and check in on them and their progress which was yet another way to enhance the participants’ experience.  Oh and I almost forgot! I started Dance Crew that night in and I WAS SO HAPPY!  I had found my true calling…I want to be on the Dance Crew at EVERY Tony Robbins event…and no I am NOT kidding! So FUN! I highly recommend!

By the end of Day 2 I was making friends…I was short of a lot of sleep but having an absolute BLAST doing it….Day 3 Tony returns for the biggest day of the weekend….Transformation day….everyone headed back to their quarters to prepare for yet another life changing day with Tony Robbins….

Stay tuned for the conclusion of the event….it’s not over yet!