What It Was Like To Crew An Anthony Robbins Event….Part 1

So this past week I made my pilgrimage up to San Jose, CA to crew (volunteer) Unleash the Power Within (UPW), an Anthony Robbins event.  The event was July 30th – August 2nd.  But as a crew member I had to go up on Wednesday 29th night and be trained on how to work the event but more importantly how to make the participant’s experience even more unforgettable!

I am going to make this a three part series explaining my experiences from the other perspective ..Tony’s perspective….but this is the entire reason why I wanted to do this…to be a contributor!

It is 8am on Wednesday and Megan picks me up so we can drive up north and arrive by 2pm (training is at 3pm for me)…now you are asking who is Megan?? Well Megan is a dear friend/colleague.  She is 25 years old and was at a point in her life where she knew she needed this experience to gain some focus and control of her life….and basically after a year of spamming her with Tony Robbins propaganda she finally gave in…and hey- I’m so happy he did because her “life will never be the same again!”

So the fact I was bringing a good friend to be a participant was my first feeling of contribution….a really personal sense of contribution.  Our road trip was about 5 hours door to door which was pretty easy so I can’t complain…

We checked into our hotel, had a quick bite and I was off to meet 300 other crew members like myself.  I arrived at registration and it was just awesome….the vibe you feel when you are around other like minded people is instant and amazing…I just felt totally comfortable eventhough I didn’t know anyone yet….

I knew I would know a few people from just seeing and meeting them from past events but had a friend I met from an event in Orlando this past December Martha from San Diego.  In addition, I was going to meet my new big sister Harriette who I literally met on the phone 3 days before the event through a mutually friend and so I was super excited to meet my new “Tony” friend.

After we registered we were put into a room- which would be the crew room for the rest of the weekend- and we picked our positions for the weekend and heard how we were to behave, where we had to be and most importantly- how to handle the participants in order for them to have the most outstanding experience EVER!  I felt such a feeling of responsibility to these participants instantly.  I knew how little sleep I was going to get and how it was going to be a hard working weekend for sure but I was ready….I wanted to make sure that Megan and all the other 2500 people came to that event to leave a changed individual.

The training ended around 11pm so I said goodnight to everyone and was heading for bed ASAP since we had to start 6am sharp the next morning and I wanted to be “on point” to set the tone for the weekend.  As they mentioned in training – “always take care of you!” ..in other words you have to listen to your body and do what you can…do not kill yourself.  So your quality of sleep and the quality of your food or fuel would basically dictate the quality of your weekend.  I was so focused on doing these things right so my endurance and stamina was ON!  Very important!

Stay tuned for Part 2..the first day of the event is the Firewalk night and it was amazingly intense!