Using Wallpaper for Your Accent Wall

So I was on the phone with one of my clients today and we were discussing my upcoming visit to the east coast and exchanging ideas. My client told me about the gorgeous new tufted cream leather headboard they purchased for the master bedroom and instantly the ideas started to flow through me.  I was thinking of a few ways we could go with this but then I envisioned the cream headboard up against a beautiful pattern with cream and another contrasting color be it black, blue, gold and the list goes on. Placing that headboard up against something so bold will give the master bedroom the statement my client is looking for.  Years ago the accent colored wall was all the rage but over the past few years wall coverings have really made a turn around in their quality and style.  As you can see in these pictures below how the walls with the wall paper really add a sense of uniqueness, vibrance and texture all at the same time.

If any of you reading this were searching for a unique and fun element to add to a room I would highly recommend adding a wall treatment. Not only can this accent wall add a unique element but there are an endless amount of patterns and colors to choose from.

A Big Fan of Wall Coverings,