The Perfect Night in Las Vegas

So last week my family and I had a work/family vacation in Las Vegas. My husband was there for the NAB conference and so we decided to stay the week and have family come in as well. It was quite the wonderful week! The last night there happened to be my 1st wedding anniversary with my hubby so we wanted to have a Vegas night out. First we got all dressed up…..

and went to see the show Absinthe which is playing at Caesar’s. I had NO IDEA really what to expect since I could not find any real information on what the show was exactly.  All I could get out of people was that is was”racy, vulgar and could be offensive” UUUMM, OK! I mean come on it’s Vegas- it’s only appropriate.  We arrive to this circular tent that is outside of the Caesar’s Hotel and take our general admission seats. The seating was also in a circular form with an ever so small stage in the center. We sat around and had some drinks while we waited for the show to start. And let me tell you, Absinthe GRABS you from the start! It’s all this acrobatic, tight rope, trapeze type stuff that is so amazing you can’t stop from being engaged…it would be quite impossible actually! The vulgarity and dirty jokes come from the emcee who is more than HYSTERICAL! After the amazing 90 minute show it was off to dinner at our VERY FAVORITE restaurant at the Venetian…….

TAO LAS VEGAS……and all I can say is YUMMMMMM!

So we the most delicious dinner and drinks ever. That is what I think what we love most about TAO. You always know you’re going to be more than satisfied every time. It was really a perfect night.

What is your favorite thing to do in Vegas?

Missing TAO,