The Interior Design Authority is Happening!

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It has always been my mentor’s  (Richard Herb) dream to have this collective group of up and coming interior designers under one umbrella.  He also pictured these designers working under one roof as individual contractors but as one cohesive group. The benefits to all of these newer designers are they get the resources and mentoring from the other designers and most importantly from Richard. He is giving all of us his 30 years of resources and experience because mentoring the interior designers of the future is his PASSION!

Richard gave me the opportunity to help him make this idea come to fruition and I took it. At first it was a slow process of screening and gathering candidates. But last week we had the first official meeting and it went more than successful.  We invited 18 designers and 18 designers are all on board!

Now the momentum is picking up. The best part is until the other designers start bring in their own projects we have a charitable project to do together as a group. We will be helping a charity called the Door of Hope redesigning the facilities there.

It’s all so exciting! Let the games begin!

Super Excited!