The Door of Hope Project BEGINS…

As many of you know, the Interior Design Authority (IDA) is alive and well. We are taking form and coming together beautifully.  Our first charitable project is to be the Door of Hope in Glendale, CA.  It is a residence for battered women and children that is a 2 floor facility with 13 one bedroom apartments with offices and a few common areas.  The IDA consists of 18 trained interior designers breaking up into 6 teams of three. We have been designated about 4 spaces each and we are SUPER excited to FINALLY get started. Tomorrow we get to go to the Door of Hope to measure, converse with the current residents and get INSPIRED! After tomorrow’s visit we are to agree, as a group, on a common theme and color palette as well as CAD out all of the measured spaces we are responsible for.  Once we have done this, momentum is going to pick up quickly as we need to prepare official consolidated floor plans, presentations boards, window schedules, color palettes and more in time for West Week at the Pacific Design Center March 19-21.  IDA needs funding for this project and West Week is a great place to start. We are honored and privileged that we have Baker Furniture in our corner but we will take all the help we can get to make this space as beautiful as possible for these women and children. We need to be thinking about color and so this is what I think I feel the color palette (not the style of these images) may lean towards.

Now this is just a guess, it’s what I am feeling but when I visit there tomorrow it may completely change. I will keep you posted with tomorrow’s visit (as well as the rest of the project). I am really looking forward to meeting the women and children as I hear they are really excited to meet us.

Really looking forward to giving back,


P.S. If you or anyone you know would love to help give and donate to this cause please just contact me here on my blog or email me at [email protected]

Thank you so much!