Steve Jobs, A Master at Design & Technology

One of my past times is that I LOVE to read. Trying to find time in my life to do that can be challenging but I make it a point to read whatever I can right before bed… even if it’s just a little bit.  Memoirs are probably my most favorite genre of books.  I am intrigued with human interest stories and learning about what makes certain people tick. Truth be told, I can actually become somewhat obsessed with it all.  So my new obsession is with the famous and infamous Steve Jobs.  I am only half way through his memoir but I am completely enthralled to say the least. I was not expecting was to really learn the explicit details of the true inception of Apple but I am and it gives you such insight to who he really was from the start. His design aesthetic was so strong from the beginning and it is the thread that plays through to the Apple of today.  I feel I am a very strong and talented designer and I worked very hard to get to practice my passion for a living. But as I am reading this memoir, his passion is something of an entirely different level. He’s pretty much an insane human being but a genius at the same time.  Steve’s passion is so contagious yet over powering that of course it had it’s faults in many areas. But ultimately, Apple is in a league of it’s own so whether you like the man or not, you have to admit anything the man designs is just so dang beautiful.

Steve Jobs truly was a MASTER of Design and Technology.

Bottom Line, it’s a must read.

Loving Pretty Computers,