Our Family Vacatation is Coming Soon……

I can’t believe it’s almost here! Our family vacation to Greece. This is a trip that has been planned even before the birth of our son, Luke.  It has been my father’s dream to put together the Biggest Fattest Greek Baptism ever in the village where he grew up.  So here we are….Luke is 18 months old now (a bit too old to be dunked in a basin butt naked in front of 200 people) and I am very curious to see how this is all going to go down. I have been in denial for weeks about preparing for our 30 hour door to door journey to a village at the top of a remote mountain with an 18 month old baby.  It should be VERY interesting to say the least.  The “best” part of this fiasco is that my dad also tricked me into something else…. this event that is to take place is not only a baptism…it is also going to be a wedding…YEP! I said it, another wedding.

Just  a glimpse of what a Big Fat Greek Party looks like….this is my hubby’s favorite dance

Most of you who know me know that i have already had like 3 weddings but why not one more. Because according to my dad if we’re not married in the Greek Church, well, we’re not really married. How do you like that?! So there you have it! This has now become the Biggest, Fattest, Wedding/Baptism in the world as far as I am concerned. This will consume the first 2 weeks of my month in Greece and once it is over I hope to get some good ol’ fashioned R & R. Please don’t think I am not grateful because I totally am..I have the most amazing parents and family anyone could ever want….which is why I granting them this wish and going along with it regardless of how I would do it.  Now that you all know what I will be up to this summer I am SURE you are going to want pictures and video so you can see how this all went down. Stay tuned to see them as I would never let you down. Until then Opa my friends!

Tha ta poume,