Off to the GE Monogram Experience!

This week I leave for the GE Headquarters to be a part of the GE Monogram experience. I am super excited as it’s always great when you are treated to a trip to network and go somewhere you’ve never been to before. From what I know of the event it’s usually a group of about 20 interior designers from all over the country. It’s a 3 day event where they educate us on their high end line of kitchen appliances named “GE Monogram.” We get to use the appliances and cook all of our meals and stay at this really cute and trendy boutique hotel in Louisville, KY call the 21C.  I am really looking forward to the networking and for the adventure. I will keep you posted as to how the event went. Enjoy your week everyone…I only pray for no tornadoes this week if you know what I mean.

Off to Looville! (that’s how the locals pronounce it  )