Kravet/Lee Jofa BlogFest 2011…NYC Baby!

So Kravet just announced the first ever BlogFest for Interior Designers!  It is happening this spring in NYC – the best time of year to be in my FAVORITE city in the world!  If you havent’ heard anything about it and are interested (as you should be!) check it out and register at

I have been waiting for an event like this since I started blogging 18 months ago!!!  This is going to be such a great way to meet other interior design bloggers as well other leaders in our industry.  We are going to learn the importance of blogging and how to be better bloggers.  Valuable information for us in this day and age. I have been trying to explain to my colleagues how important and cutting edge social media marketing and blogging is but no one seemed to really pick up on it.  And now we’ve arrived.

So if you are an interior designer and haven’t gotten online yet join us! Get to this event! It’s going to be huge!

It’s part of our job description as designers to be current…so be current my friends.

I’ll see you in NYC!

Blogging away,