It’s Time to Check Myself – UPW in Los Angeles in Two Weeks!

For those of you who know me personally, you know I love me some Tony Robbins. And I am sure some of you are saying….”Oh God….Tony Robbins? The man with the big head and banana hands?” and I will proudly say… YES!!! For those of you “Tony People” who can relate with me I know you can say YES! too    Listen you can say what you want but no one can deny the power of personal development.

My journey began 4 years ago when I had some MAJOR changes going on in my life. This was not the first time I ever had to go through some “stuff” and I thought I would just handle it the way I always had…I seemed to survive in the end so I actually was that person who said- I don’t really need a Tony Robbins seminar..I’m cool.  Well my wonderful boyfriend (now husband) bought me a ticket and sent me anyway. He was a big fan already and since he was I decided I needed to be open minded to it…since that is what you do when you support your partner.  Well five minutes in I was “sucked in” and I have NEVER looked back. I got refocused and learned to hold myself accountable like never before. The tools and technology he gives you was the motivation I needed.  I have used Tony’s principles for the past 4 years and I look at how successful and grateful I have become.

But just like in life, we are creatures of habit and I need to get a reboost. My life is TOTALLY different (and AWESOME) but now I need to get it to the next level. So lucky for me he’s coming to see me here in Los Angeles! Now, with having a husband, 10 month old and 2 businesses I need some more focus.  I am SUPER excited and if you are someone who is reading this and has ever had ANY curiosity about a Tony Robbins seminar I absolutely recommend you go. It’s not too late! You’ve got 2 weeks!

Go For It!

Can’t wait to FIREWALK!