Interior Designers Need to be Blogging!

Yes you heard me!   This is a serious issue!  I know that in the past the only thing we have had to rely on in order to get business was word of mouth-but as we all know- the times they are a changin’.  I am not saying that word of mouth no longer works, what I am saying is that it can’t be the only way we drum up business.  Interior Designers both new and experienced NEED to open up their outlook and figure out other ways of bringing in business and blogging is a fantastic way!

I began my business a few years ago so it was more difficult for me to get design clients than say a designer who started 10 years or more ago.  So I have had to get a lot more creative in figuring out ways to expand my business.  When I started thinking about what I could do I started searching..and where did I start searching…..of course, where everyone goes, the good ol’ internet.  Which is exactly my point.  Everyone who is looking for ANYTHING is looking on the internet and that is when I discovered this entire world of blogging and bloggers.  It was people branding themselves and running their business (whatever it may be) online with total freedom to do or say whatever they wanted on their own blog.  I know some of you will say “well I have a website”  and yes so do I.  A website is more for validation and maybe a place to show that you do in fact exist and have a legitimate business.  But with the way the internet is going blogs are taking over and this is a true way for you to control your own site.  Anytime we want to change anything on our websites we usually have to go to our website designer and ask them to do it and hope they won’t charge us but if we make enough changes they eventually will have to.  With a blog you can change what you want any time, any day on your own.  This is an opportunity for us as interior designers to broaden our geographic coverage where we always had to stay somewhat local for the most part.  Sure I have traveled across the country for clients but there are costs incurred with that and time wasted traveling.  The internet allows all of us to reach an audience we would NEVER have been able to reach before!

Some of you are computer savvy and can pick this up fairly quickly as I did.  But some of you will say “ oh I don’t know how to do this and it will take up too much of my time,” and that is what I am here for. I have learned to do this myself and have helped other designers and entrepreneurs get online as well.  It really is such a cool thing and for you resisters to technology/internet out there, you are going to have to face it, the internet and technology in general is NOT going anywhere so when in Rome…..

Trust me that it is not as difficult as it may seem and there are ways to get help getting there.  There are also a bunch more reasons as to why blogging and getting online will help your business but that is for another post, I would hate to information overload you! But please contact me if you are interested or if you have any questions I can help you answer.

Blogging Rules