If You are Thinking About Writing a Book…..

And you are worried about the whole publishing issue don’t be.  My mentor Richard W. Herb has written a book titled Renovate, Sustain and Survive.  Of course writing it was no easy task but it is all about his passion of interior design and the design process so that of course helps.  But after Richard had completed writing and editing the manuscript there was a standstill.  Does he self publish? Does he pitch it around town to get it published? Get an agent? and so on…. Richard asked me what should we do and so I researched a few options. Obviously it’s EVERYONE’S dream to have someone publish your book and you lay out no money or risk whatsoever. But this could take forever making the book a waste of time. So I went on to research the self publishing route…..

I researched 3 online companies: Lulu.com, Xlibris.com and Createspace.com.  Each of these publishers had their advantages but we went with Createspace.  Not only are they owned by Amazon which lends itself to many advantages on the sales side of things but they also have a VERY user friendly process. I have never done anything like this before and I completely understand the process. It’s just awesome! And the best part is it REALLY does not break your bank. We are currently waiting for our first draft and waiting with baited breath. It turns out this process is quite invigorating and it’s not even MY BOOK!

I am just excited for Richard’s knowledge and experience to finally get out into the world.  And the best part was we were able to do it on our own and not wait on anyone else.  Of course, all of the marketing and book signings may have to be set up and arranged in house as well but we are up for the challenge. And after all…. we have the internet and social media on our side

I very much look forward to publishing my book……

Just call me a book publisher,