If I Can Do It, So Can You!

So I know many of you out there may already know my story but ya know, it’s a pretty great story if I do say so myself!  That being said, I would like to blog about it today since I sincerely think people need to know that if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

What does that mean exactly?  It means if you are in a J.O.B. (just over broke) and you despise what you do for a living, I have 3 words for you…STOP DOING IT!  I know, I know, I know, easier said than done.  But we all have the excuses be it whatever situation we are in.  Life is too short so it is your duty to MAKE the decision, TAKE action and CHANGE your destiny!

After 4 years of undergrad and 2 years of graduate school I had learned the skills to become a “glamorous” accountant.   I practiced accounting for 8 years.  I honestly gave it the “old college try,” I really did.  But it was about 4 years ago when I just hit a brick wall.  I was 31 and completely unhappy with what I was doing with 70% of my days.  Ugh!  I did some soul searching and it had finally hit me…..I needed to do something I loved to do AND get paid for it.  I know a lot of you could say right now “oh well you were young, had no kids etc” but to me I wasn’t that young anymore. I also had a mortgage and was a single woman supporting myself.  I was making a really good salary that was going to be extremely difficult to walk away from.  To me, it just seemed so difficult to make the change but deep inside I knew that it was CRITICAL for me to do something if I ever wanted to be truly happy.

I knew my passion was interior design so I took night classes to “get my feet wet” to reassure myself I could do this.  And I LOVED IT! But switching careers this way was going to be a long road and I was anxious! I didn’t want to start my new career in 5 years.  So I made the decision to quit my J.O.B. and go to school full time.  To totally immerse myself and be done with school in 15 months was now my new goal.  Yes, financially it was stressful and scary but you do what you have to do. So I took loans out and for the first time I actually leaned on my loved ones for help and support.  I pretty much had to stop spending money altogether except for the bare necessities.  But the time flew by and here I am. I graduated from FIDM in downtown Los Angeles by age 33 and I have had my own business for almost a year and a half.  I focus on residential since I love making people happy and relaxed in their spaces.  But I am skilled in commercial as well.  I would love it if you would visit my website and check out my work

If you are reading this and I am describing you, do you see how if I can do this, so can you!!  And I have to let you in on a little secret.  Four years ago when this journey had started, I was also single and unhappy. But because I was so unhappy with myself it affected me in the relationship department.  Six months after I had started school and became “Happy Eleni” I met the love of life.  And why did that happen..because I was in a good place feeling happy and revived!

So that’s it my friends.  Please follow your passions! We really have a limited time on this amazing earth and you need to be grateful and happy for each and everyday. Doing what you love is the only way to do it.

If you’re nervous or have any questions please feel free to ask me anytime. I would LOVE to help.

Yours in True Health and Happiness!