IDA and Door of Hope Update

The interior design charity project that the Interior Design Authority (IDA)  has embarked on is moving forward!  So far we have been to the Door of Hope (DOH) facility, measured the space, drawn up the floor plans in AutoCAD and chosen the theme and color palette. Next steps are putting together all of the specifications, lighting plan and elevations. There is lots to do but we are super excited! We have come up with some materials so that we can pass along to help our donation process.

There are 6 groups of 3 and this is my team. This flyer gives you a better idea of where our design visions is going.  We have also written up a basic synopsis of who we are (IDA), who is the Door of Hope and our mission. Again to help us to solicit donation.

SO! If you would like to donate, or know anyone who would, we would LOVE your help! It’s for a very good cause and you can trust the IDA to make this project a phenomenal one! You can contact me at [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you!