Does Anyone Take Marriage Seriously Anymore?

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian


I know my blog is usually more about professional and personal growth issues but I HAVE to blog today about that ridiculous sham that Kim Kardashian just freaking pulled. I know it’s almost been a week therefore making it “old news” since the attention span of this country is smaller than that of a gnat, BUT SERIOUSLY! It’s bad enough that the divorce rate is upwards toward 70%, but Hollywood just makes it so much worse….the divorce rate in just Hollywood must be at 97%. And like I always say about Kim, “Why is she famous again?” I mean let’s get real…Reality stars like Snooki, The Situation and the Kardashians are just driving me MAD! I am not going to keep ranting and raving but I just have to ask the question… Why are these idiots famous? We NEED to stop giving them attention! They offer NOTHING of benefit and it’s just plain embarrassing that these people cover our magazines and make our news reports. It’s just insanity.  That wedding was 18 million dollars for a whopping 72 days and there are homeless and starving children.  Am I making my point here?

What upsets me the most is the disregard for such a serious step most of us take in our life..marriage.  I searched hard and patiently to find my ultimate life partner and took it very seriously. I did that because I wanted him to be “my life partner” and the way that most of Hollywood treats marriage is as if it’s a date!  It’s NOT what I want my child to look at as acceptable. No one says you HAVE to get married.  For some people marriage isn’t for them, so they don’t do it. I don’t know…..I guess that’s all I would like to say about this. It’s all just so ridiculous.

A little bit frustrated,