Breaking Up With a Client :(

Today was a first for me. As an up and coming interior designer I have never had to walk away from a project…..until today.

I met with this particular client in May for the first time and we commenced the project in August. I was super excited about the project especially for the the scope and the location.  I also adored the client as a person.  She was so worldly, intelligent and hilarious.  This made for an even more difficult decision. Anyhow, we did the normal preliminary work and programming phases and the end result is that the client has a very micro managing type of personality. To the point of where I was being yelled at and disrespected  more times than I want to admit.  I am going to be honest, it totally killed my confidence. And that is when you know it is just not right.

A very wise man (Richard Herb) once told me, when I was a design student at FIDM, that we are not only being interviewed to get the project, we are interviewing them to see whether or not we should take the project.  That being said, I had to make that decision tonight because it was not the right fit and you just CAN’T force something like that.

I wanted to write this post today to not only express myself but also see if any of you out there have gone through a similar experience.  If you have please share your story below so I can feel better

Feeling MUCH better,