Baby Room Design Project: Stage 3

So here we are!   Baby Room Project is almost complete!  As many of you know our nursery has been my main focus these days.  We are getting really excited for our bundle of joy and having the perfect room for him is my main goal!

Previously, the room was our changing room and it was decided that we needed to convert it to the nursery space.  If you have not read my last post about Stage 2 I would recommend you do so that you better understand what point we were at then.  Again my vision was “sophisticated nursery.”  What does that mean exactly? Well I wanted it to definitely  feel like a nursery but I also did not want to feel like I was at Old MacDonald’s farm.  I wanted the look to be more classic therefore have a longer lifespan.  Once I finished with Stage 2 I realized my original idea for wall décor and other “bling bling” was not what I wanted so it put me at a stand still….until it hit me.

I am in love with the Lambs Ivy bedding I chose with the jungle animals (especially the monkeys!! J) and I wanted them to come alive.  I did not want an overwhelming mural/landscape that would feel like one was really in the jungle…I wanted it to be simple as “less is more” is my motto.  Now the problem was I only had a week before our baby shower and I wanted it done for everyone to see and I had NO IDEA who I was going to find to paint my mural.  I was in an absolute pinch.

So I asked my colleagues and other resources and no one really had anyone in particular.  BUT! One of my colleagues referred me to the website .  I know…I was a bit embarrassed that I had not found that on my own, regardless it was a lifesaver!  It is a national website so you can find a muralist in your area.  I called 3 muralists to come in for a consult and that is when I found Linda!  She was everything I wanted and more!  As you can see from the pictures, she did an AMAZING job! Our boy is going to adore his room.  Once I chose her she was able to finish the job in 2 days so the nursery was done with 2 days to spare! Needless to say it was a BIG HIT at the shower!

There are only a few missing pieces left so that is why I can not say we are at the Final Stage yet but we are super close!  If anyone is in the Los Angeles area and would like to use Linda for their projects I would love to give you that contact info as I can assure you she can do A LOT more than just nurseries.

I hope you enjoy the nursery as much as we are.  I would love to see what you think so please leave a comment and let me know! J  Less than 6 weeks to go!

Getting Super Excited!