Baby Room Design Project : Stage 2

So as many of you know Matthew ( and I are expecting our first bundle of joy due in the next 7 weeks or so. It seems the nesting period has settled in and all I have been doing is designing our little guy’s room and getting it all ready. I wanted to share a couple of the stages since this has been what I have been up to as of late.

Before I begin I have to clarify that this bedroom was Matt and I’s changing room. We live in Los Angeles and many of the homes built in the 70s really didn’t believe in closet space so we made it a dream closet. After much deliberating we decided that the changing room was the ideal room for the new baby and we would have to say goodbye to the dream closet. The walls were a hazelnut color and the space had TONS of clothes. We had to first go through our belongings and really decipher what clothing should stay and which should be donated. I explain this to you because unfortunately I did not take before pictures ☹ It completely slipped my mind…as many things do these days due to the “baby brain.”

As you can see I have attached a few baby room pictures as it is now in Stage 2. We have painted and furnished the room. When I originally sat down to design the space I really wanted it to be a more sophisticated nursery. I was attached to doing a light blue wall with dark wood furniture. I was lucky because we already had a beautifully finished hard wood floor with matching wood blinds and white crown moldings , all which I wanted to keep. I also want to let any of you other mommies to be out there that no VOC paint is the ONLY way to go! I used a matte blue called healing waters (by FreshAir) and was completely happy with the way it came out. No fumes no smell.. it’s just fantastic! Yes they don’t have the same number of color choices as regular paint but the trend is going that way and in all honesty they do have enough beautiful colors to choose from. I chose this beautiful Babi Italia, Pinehurst Collection, furniture in the espresso color which adds that sophistication factor I was looking for. All of the furniture including the glider (which has not arrived yet) and the trundle day bed are all the same espresso stain of wood.

Now that the room is painted and 85% furnished, I was looking to complete it with some, what I like to call, “bling bling” aka accent decor. My bedding and walls need to be tied together and I am trying to figure out a great way to do that without breaking the bank but making it look fabulous. I have some ideas up my sleeve but I am not going to give them away just yet. But please don’t fret! I have to leave you hanging but only for a few days. Stay tuned as by next week I will be sharing with all of you what we ended up doing to complete this design!

Nesting and Loving It!