A Magazine Made for Interior Designers By Interior Designers Launching This Month!

The launch of our online interior design magazine is quickly approaching and we are READY! My mentor, Richard W. Herb, and I have started what will be the first interactive interior design magazine in the iPad newsstand. It is all so VERY exciting that I can barely contain myself. Here’s a draft of the cover….What do you think???

Our magazine is titled “Design, Design” and as I have mentioned in the title it is a magazine for interior designers made by interior designers. Of course anyone who likes interior design will enjoy the magazine as well but our main demographic is the interior design community.  We want all designers to read the magazine but we are also niching out to the up and coming generation of working interior designers who are gaining experience but do not have 30 years of it as Richard does.

Design, Design will serve the interior design community as does most design magazines but it will ALSO have a lot of value and education specifically geared towards designers.   For example, each month we will be featuring a video training series with Richard giving away his knowledge and experience of 30 years to help newer designers get ahead in their business.  And for the more experienced designers, each month I will be giving 1-2 social media video tips on how you should be bringing your business online. In addition, we have interior designers from all over the country contributing valuable, unique content pertaining to topics that are very relevant to our industry.

There is much more happening then what I have just explained, but of course I don’t want to give it ALL way!

We should be in the iPad Newstand sometime in September and we are hoping you will all support us and subscribe of course    I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as possible. Also if you are an interior designer reading this and would like to contribute an article I would LOVE to hear from you.

Looking Forward to our Launch,