A Heaven on Earth

Just recently my husband turned me onto this pretty AWESOME website called the Robb Report . It’s a website that is ALL things LUXURIOUS! And let me tell you it’s definitely a way to spend a good part of your day daydreaming about what it would be like….

Each day I am supposed to look at it at least for 10-15 minutes so I can envision the possibilities of what’s out there.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am very grateful for my life but I could also get too comfortable which could result in not striving for more. When I see what other extremely successful people get to have I realize that I should be able to have that too. As an interior designer I OBVIOUSLY go straight to the home and interior design section. It’s always a mind blowing type of home. So I thought I would share this month’s feature with you all because I love how insane it is. Of course it’s here in Los Angeles where dreams do come true

So please enjoy this home. I also want you to peruse around the rest of the site. Start building your dreams and realizing that there is more out there for all of us to have…we just have to work hard and get there. It is NOT out of the realm of possibility for anyone. It’s just the story that you tell yourself.

Click here to see this amazing home.

Can’t Wait to sit in the Lap of Luxury,